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alt No. F miracle of peace, between the Avenue Cisneros and Calle Tres de Mayo of this city, district and department of San Miguel, of the surface capacity of: one meters twenty-five square decimeters, which measures and cute; To the East, fifteen meters, with Angel Albino Alvarenga, the civilian judge of this field disrest that was left to Mrs. Elena Andrade; North, judicial trit, to the public for the effects of law, six meters seventy-five centimeters, street by means, bordering

227 Official Journal. РSan Salvador, May 15, surrounding. In this property there are mixed system constructions, it is not dominant or servant, has no charge or real rights of foreign belonging or is in receivity with anyone, and acquired it by purchasing material possession, verbally that from it made to the Mrs. Lelis Villalta Gómez, older, from domestic profession and from this domicile, already deceased, in the month of January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven, possession that has exerted for more than ten continuous years, being in a quiet, peaceful way, public and uninterrupted; The previous property estimates it in the amount of two thousand dollars of the United States of America; The adjoining are of this address. What is notified to the public for the purposes of law. Municipal Mayor: San Miguel, at twenty-eight days of the month of October of the year two thousand eight.- Jose Wilfredo Salgado G., Municipal Mayor.- Lic. Jose Angel Ferman Zetino, Municipal Secretary. 3 V. alt No. Salvadoran nationality, acting as a representative of Mexican company of Aviation, a variable capital anonymous company, from the home of Xola 535, 03100, Mexico, Federal District, United Mexican State, Mexican national, requesting renovation, for the inscription Book number of registration of brands, consisting of the Mexican word written in letters uppercase mold, to the right of which a figure that resembles the profile of the head of an eagle, whose lower part contains a stylized letter; that covers products / services included in the class 35 of the International Classification of Nice. San Salvador, at seventeen days of the month of April of the year two thousand nine.

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